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Apple’s latest Operating system iOS 8 has already started rolling out for iOS devices. Till date there are 2 Beta versions of the iOS 8 launched. iOS 7 was a major upgrade to Apples Operating system as the OS was completely redesigned. Apple will made live the new version for all the iOS devices in autumn this year and will come with a lot of new features. It is also rumored that Apple’s next iPhone i.e. iPhone 6 will get launched by the September and it will surely come with iOS 8 running on it. There are many new features which you will find in the iOS 8 and we have highlighted some of them here for you.

The Looks

The looks of the iOS 8 will be quite similar to the iOS 7 Operating system. The design will remain the same as like of the iOS 7 and you will find it flat, minimalist and colorful. There won’t be a big update in the looks as like we saw from iOS 6 to iOS 7 but still improvements are being there in the iOS 8.


iOS will come with a quick type keyboard which will bring predictive text in front of you when you are typing something. This feature is available in third party applications but in iOS 8 you are going to get this feature in the stock keyboard. The keyboard will itself learn about your typing style and will suggest according to it.

Message Received

All the messaging apps in iOS 8 are also going to get many new features. In the mail application you can easily swipe them for flagging, deleting or marking them. If you have written an incomplete mail and you want to copy information from another mail, you can minimize the mail you were writing.

Now you can also share your location with your friends with the help of iMessage application in the iOS 8. There are exciting new features in the Group Messaging application, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb option which will not inform you of any notifications or updates in the group.

Continuity Theory

Now you can connect your MAC seamlessly with your iPhone and iPad with the help of Continuity functions available in the iOS 8. You just need to install iOS 8 on your MAC and you’ll be able to access features that you would have not imagined before.

One of the best features is Handoff. If you are working on an E-mail on your MAC, you will get a small icon on your iPhone or iPad which will indicate that some work is done on your MAC.

Healthy Thinking

If you are health conscious, then you would be happy to know that iOS 8 comes with a health app which keeps track of your movements and tells you about your daily calories burnt.

These were some of the new features which you will see in iOS 8. Stay tuned for more updates on iOS 8.

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