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The time is of Instant messaging apps and people have stopped using SMS for texting to one another. With the help of Internet, you can use these instant messaging apps and these apps won’t even charge a single penny from you. A lot of instant messaging apps are filled in the Google Play Store which are available for Android smartphones and tablets. We are here with some of the best instant messaging apps which you can use on your Android smartphone and tablets.


Bought by Facebook, WhatsApp makes to number 1 list and is the best instant messaging app which you can use on your Android smartphones and tablets. You can send messages, videos, and audio clips to your friends who are on WhatsApp for free of cost. Create group of your favorite people and communicate with all of them at the same time. Video Calling is a new feature which will be soon available in WhatsApp.

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The second app which makes to our list is Snapchat. This app has gained a lot of popularity because of its one unique feature which is rarely available in other instant messaging apps out there and that is self-destructing message feature. With this feature, once the recipient has read your message, the message will be self-destructed. Your images, video, audio files will also get self-destruct once read. You can create stories with the help of Snapchat and share with your friends.

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BlackBerry Messenger used to be one of the reasons that people used to buy Blackberry smartphones in the past. But a year ago Blackberry made its app, Blackberry Messenger open for other mobile operating systems including Android, iOS and windows. BBM is one of the best instant messaging apps which you can use for sending your messages to your friends. Use the unique pin to add your friends instantly or use the BBM bar code for adding them and chatting with them. This app is available for free at Google Play Store.

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Google Hangouts

Previously known as Gtalk, Google Hangouts is the official instant messaging app of Google which you can use for messaging your friends. This app is perfectly optimized for Android smartphones and tablets. Most of the smartphones which are manufactured under LG Nexus, Motorola series come with Google Hangouts as the default messaging app. With the help of this app, you can also send SMS to your friends and on the same time chat with your Google friends. This app is available for free at Google Play store.

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The last app which makes to our list is Skype. It you are looking for video calling app, Skype is the best one but Skype can also be used for instant messaging with your friends and family members. This app is available for free of cost at Google Play Store and you will get all the features which you get in other apps.

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