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We are so occupied in our daily lives that we don’t have enough time to find out what’s happening in the world. We don’t get time to read the newspaper because of our busy routines. Everyone is having at least one smartphone with them and one can take benefit of the same for learning what’s happening in the outside world. There are many news reader apps which you can use for reading the daily news. We did a little research and discovered some great apps which you can use on your Android smartphone or tablets for daily news. We have shared some of them here for you.


The first app which makes to our list is Feedly. Using this app you can not only read what’s happening in the outside world but you can also retrieve the latest news from your favorite websites. You can add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, or add your favorite Youtube Channel and watch videos daily. In fact Feedly is considered one of the best RSS feeds news reader application and it is available both for Android tablets and smartphones at Google Play for free of cost.

Download Feedly


The second news reader app which makes to our list is Press. Press is again one new RSS feeds based news reader app for Android. If you have stored articles on any website such as Feed Bin, Feed Wrangler or Feedly you can sync those articles in your account of Press and read them on Press. Press comes with offline reading mode which will store all your articles in your device, and you can read them even if you are not having an internet connection. If you liked any article, bookmark it or share it among your friends using different social networking websites. Press is a paid application and you can buy it from Google Play.

Download Press


gReader is the third application which makes to our list. If you are a podcast listener, then you should definitely download this app. Along with RSS feeds, you can also add your favorite podcasts channels and listen to them using gReader. gReader also comes with the synchronization features just like the one in Press, so you can sync articles if you are shifting from one reader to another. gReader comes with one impressive feature and that is text to speech. Using this feature, the app will dictate the entire article for you.

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Pulse News

The last application which makes to our list is Pulse News. You can read articles along with news from your favorite websites and blogs using this Android application. Use the Read later feature to save an article for reading it later on. You can use the import feature for importing articles from different news reader apps. This app is available for Android tablets and smartphones for free at Google Play Store.

Download Pulse News

These were some of the best news reader app for Android tablets and smartphones. If you want to share any other app with us, please share it using the comments section below.

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