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You have to send an email after 2 hours, but you are free until then. It is your best friend’s birthday after 4 days but you are going on a business trip today. In situations like these, it may not be possible to create and send an email at the exact required time. How wonderful and beneficial it will be if you could send the email right away, but the desired recipient will only receive it when it is intended to reach them? This way you can stay totally tension- free about missing any of your important mails and birthdays. Using Boomerang for Gmail, you can now send emails in the future. (Boomerang for Gmail) is a very handy tool which is a Plugin for Chrome and Firefox. It will give you the power to send as well as receive emails via your Gmail account only when you want to. Once you have enabled this feature, you can have more control over your Gmail account and can decide when and how to send mails in the future. Open your Firefox or Google Chrome browser and visit the Boomerang website. Now click on the “Install Boomerang” button and all you need to do is follow the instructions appearing on your screen. Once you are done with the installation, Boomerang for your Gmail account will automatically get enabled the next time when you log in into your Gmail account. It is very easy to use Boomerang and its design is very simple as well as intuitive.

The next time you compose any email, you have to do it in the exact traditional way. But you will see the “Send Later” button just below the “Send” button. By clicking on the “Send Later” button, the Boomerang for your Gmail will get activated and you will be able to send that email at any predefined time as well as date in the future. There is a variety of date as well as time options which Boomerang provides. By choosing the desired date and time, you can postpone the delivery of that email by some hours to some months. Apart from this, you can also choose any specific date as well as time in the future based on your requirements.

Boomerang for Gmail is also suitable for sending the same message to someone periodically. For catching up with clients and team members from time to time regarding the same matter, this feature of Gmail is of great utility. Click on the “Schedule Recurring Message” option which appears after you have clicked on the “Send Later” button.

In situations where you have received any email but do not have time to attend to it at the moment; you can use the Boomerang for Gmail tool for getting a reminder about that email at any later stage.

You will notice a Boomerang button at the top right corner of your screen every time you open a mail or compose a new email. Once you Boomerang it, you will see that mail at the top position of your Inbox at a desired time and date in the future. You can also make it to appear on the top of the Inbox in case there is no response to any mail that you have boomeranged.

You can also use Boomerang for other email accounts, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or any other work mail. Microsoft Outlook can also get a Boomerang of its own, but you will have to spend $29.95 as a one- time fee.

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