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Every once in a while, we have all faced situations where we have to share some of our confidential information with others. These may include our credit card details, bank details, confidential passwords and a lot more. We all know that these details can be misused by anyone out there and hence no matter whom we are sending them to, it always keeps us on our toes. The people with whom we share this information can be our friends, colleagues as well as members of our family. The level of anxiety further increases when we are not physically around that person and there are fair chances that they might forget about your details lying in their mail/ message. Also, it is very easy for these details to get stolen from there. This leads us to think of ways in which we can protect our details. Do you even have the slightest idea that your messages and emails can actually get self- destructed on their own, provided that the recipient has opened it once?

Yes, will help you in automatically self- destructing your mails and messages once the recipient has opened it. Also known as “Burn Note”, this website is of great use and keeps your confidential details safe and secured. Once the mail is opened, it will get deleted at that very instant or after a few seconds.

In order to protect your personal details from getting misused or leaked, simply connect to once you start your web browser. You will see a space for typing in your private message. In order to increase security, you can also set passwords to your content as well as disable the recipient from copying the contents of your message. Not only this, this tool will also give you the power to set the number of seconds after which the message will automatically get self- destructed in the recipient’s inbox. While you create your private message on this website, click on the “Options Button” to see all the levels of protection that you can include with your message. Once you are done with typing the desired message along with the required security options, all you need to do is simply click on the “Send Button” and your message will appear in the recipient’s inbox.

By doing this, you have now created a new URL/ link for your private message. Basically, this link is the temporary web page where your message will stay alive for the time which you have set while creating the message. Now you can send this link/ URL to the desired recipient via an email, text message or any other method. The recipient will get redirected to this temporary web page but they will not be able to open the message until they enter the password set by you. However, it is not mandatory to set any password with the message. This message can be opened only once and will automatically get deleted after that. If the recipient wants to reply to your message, they can simply create another self- destructive message inside your message.

Other similar websites which can be used for this purpose are (One Share) and (Privnote).

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