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Called KeySweeper, exposing your sensitive information and passwords.

15 months ago, a white hat hacker, it was a stealthy Arduino-based hacking device that looked like an USB wall charger.

The keystrokes, it recorded, Moreover, if unplugged,

Microsoft’s keyboards use 2.4Ghz .

These are the components that are needed to make a KeySweeper device:

Arduino/Teensy microcontroller
NRF2401+ 2 . 4GHz RF Chip
AC USB Charger
SPI Serial Flash Chip
3. 7 LiOn/LiPo battery
Adafruit FONA and SIM card (optional)


Here’s what the FBI has to say about KeySweeper:

If placed strategically in an office or other location where individuals might use wireless devices, a malicious cyber actor could potentially harvest personally identifiable information, intellectual property, trade secrets, passwords, or other sensitive information.

So , keep an eye on any unknown USB charger selling around in your home or company and stay safe.

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