You might have read the title similar to this post in many websites, but the apps listed there are either outdated or are already used by a lot of people. You definitely need apps while you are in college to ease your everyday tasks. We did a little research and came across come of the best applications which you can use while you are in college for your Android smartphones and tablets. We have listed a few of them for you here.

Andie Graph

The first application which makes to our list is Andie Graph. We need to create graphs for all the calculations which we do in our class. Andie graph can come in handy as it helps in creating graphs for all the calculations which you are doing. You need to get a ROM on your Android device for running Andie graph app. The application is available for free at Google Play store.

Download Andie Graph


The second app which every college student should carry is CamScanner. You can’t take a scanner with you at all times. At that time CamScanner will help you in scanning all your notes, homework assignments and anything which is present on a piece of paper. If you want to send the scanned documents to your friends you can send it with the help of e-mail or you can even use the premium fax option to send the documents to anyone. This app is available for free at Google Play store.

Download CamScanner


If you are medical student then you might need Epocates on your Android device. It is one hell of a medical reference guide which is used by most of the medical students and teachers. You will get information about all the drugs with the help of this app by simply using the Search function. Calculate the BMI by just putting the values required. This app is available for free at Google Play store.

Download Epocrates


The next app which makes to our list is Evernote. Store information, create notebooks or notes with the help of Evernote whenever and wherever you want to. You can write the notes in your handwriting with the help of handwriting mode. Evernote is a multiplatform app, so you can access your Evernote account from different devices such as iPads, computers etc.

Download Evernote

Google Drive

You cannot save your data in online cloud using Evernote. Google Drive helps you in saving all your files in an online cloud storage. If you have created any presentation, worksheet using your computer and uploaded in on your Google drive account, you can use your Android smartphone or tablet to access it later. You can share the directories of Google drive account with your friends and classmates and read all the notes with each other. If you want to restrict the number of persons able to look at your files, you can set a password on your directory. Google Drive is available for free at Google Play Store.

Download Google Drive


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