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Google has finally launched its smart watch exclusively for Android smartphones, LG G watch. This is the first smart watch launched by Google and we got a chance to review the same. LG G watch is the perfect companion for your Android smartphone which will help you in knowing all the notifications which are coming on your Android smartphone. Today in this post we are going to review the LG G smart watch for you guys.


The LG G watch comes in a simple design which is attractive but yet simple on the other hand. It is built of forged stainless steel. The watch comes in a rectangular body which is not a winning feature of this watch but it is slimmer then the Samsung’s smart watch.

The rear of the LG G watch has a hard plastic which makes the watch sit perfectly on your hand. The strap of the LG G watch is 22mm which is sufficient for a normal person’s wrist. The LG G watch is both dust and water resistant so you done need to worry if your watch will get affected by any of these two.


The screen of the LG G watch is 1.65-inches and comes with a pixel resolution of 280 X 280 pixels. It comes with a LCD display. The watch perfectly delivers crisp text and images even when you are under sun light. If you are looking on the watch for long, the display won’t go off. If you are putting your hand above the watch or you are not using it, it will automatically go off. When the screen is dimmed, you will only see the time or the number of steps you did when you were exercising or any active operations which were going on in your Android smartphone.


You might find it a little difficult when you are setting up the LG G watch with your Android smartphone. First of all you need to download Android wear app from Google store and once you have downloaded it you need to install it on your Android smartphone. After that you need to make sure that you are having the latest version of Google Search and along with it you are having Google Now installed on your Android smartphone. After you are having all the above mentioned things, you can pair the LG G watch with your Android smartphone using Bluetooth. Once Bluetooth has detected your smart watch it will update itself and restart.


LG G watch is packed with a 400 mAh battery. Once you have charged the battery fully, it will last for an entire day. You can charge the LG G watch with the help of charging cradle provided by LG.


LG G watch is definitely a great companion for Android smartphones. It is priced at $299 which is a bit higher than the Samsung’s gear which is priced at $199. If you are looking for more options you might want to wait a bit as Motorola is also going to launch a smart watch soon.

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